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Eco-creative Matching your Distribution Parameters

Since packaging is essentially a disposable element, it’s not particularly good for the environment.

Yet, packaging is unavoidable, so at AsiaPack we spare no effort to find better solutions.

Each and everyone of our smart designs aims to use environmentally friendly materials, save space therefore shipping costs, and have a proven track record of selling better.

So, it’s a win for all, planet included.

We adopt the 3R policy –
Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

  • 'Rightsizing' helps reducing material usage and physical volumes. Eco-conception helps reducing the usage of toxic substances and replace it by more eco-friendly materials.

  • 'Re-use' can be using post consumer recycled materials, or creating a re-usable packaging.

  • 'Clear' material identification and easy materials separation makes it much easier to recycle packaging.

We design, produce and pack according to your needs.

Different retail channels require easy opening or anti theft packs.

We address those needs with various packaging, from bags, card fixing, color boxes, heat-sealed blisters, high frequency blisters / ultrasonic blisters, trapped blisters / captured blisters, …. Up to assembled and fully loaded promotional displays, ready to sell.

Different products require different packs, each design is tailor made, for the best match.

Asiapack’s designs also facilitate mass production – our production capacity is fully scalable, so our consulting will always provide solutions for your growing sales volume. Our daily production capacity is over 200,000 pcs.

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